Sunday, May 10, 2015

NTRAK Irregular, Rambling & Never-Get-There Ideas

I'm just fooling around with ideas for an Irregular, Rambling & Never-Get-There layout consisting of four NTRAK modules. Took some screenshots from Google Maps and very roughly laid it out.
I'd build Ilwaco first as a 4' x 4' corner unit. Ilwaco would include Cape Disappointment, which is actually several miles away, but Ilwaco has a similar cape which protects its harbor, so I'd just take a liberty and use that.

The next 4' wide unit to the north would be Long Beach/Sea View. I'd use a deeper NTRAK module here so I could include the beach, and I'd add one of the shipwrecks for which the Washington coast was notorious.

The Northernmost module would be Oysterville/Ocean Park/Loomis. The Loomis mansion would be to the South, in the center on the far side of the tracks. A beached whale would be somewhere between Oysterville and Ocean Park.

If I decided to expand Eastward (as the line did in later years) I could add another 4' module of Chinook/Fort Columbia. There is a tunnel under Ft. Columbia -- I'm not sure if that's kosher by NTRAK rules.

This is just an idle fantasy at the moment, as I really don't even have room for the Ilwaco module in my apartment.

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