Monday, November 17, 2014

O Scale Bike Shop Modifications.

Started work on another of Clever Models' fine products. This time, I'm working in O scale, which is going to be a cinch after doing so many HO and N scale models. I'm modifying their cycle shop with a change of signage to push the era back to the 1890s.

Here's the original:

Per my client's request, here are my modifications to the facade:

The lettering for HOLZ & MUELLER is set in an Egyptian font I found in a vintage book for sign painters. BICYCLE REPAIR SHOP was set in an academic/sports font I found online. Slab serifs were pretty common in that era. 

All the posters were found online, and I've printed them on cigarette paper so the thickness will look alright when I peel up the corners a little. I printed the Raleigh and Fowler signs on glossy photo paper so they'll look a bit like enamel signs.

More to follow as the build progresses.

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