Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gorre Water Tower

Spent a few days working on this papercraft kit from Clever Models. Their downloads and CDs are on sale for 40% off this month, so I bought several.

My build:

 From a 1965 article in Model Railroader magazine:

I modified the tank to include the Gorre & Daphetid logo, and spent some extra time trying to match the vintage advertising to what was shown in a 1965 how-to article. I printed these tiny posters on cigarette papers, which is a technique I'll have to make a video about at some point. The thinness of the cigarette papers allows you to curl the edges of the posted items so they look like they've been there a long time.

I'm not entirely satisfied with my pulley and the armature that holds it -- I made it stick out too far -- but it looks like it would be functional, and that's quite good enough for now. Also, it would look nicer with chain instead of rope, but I like it almost as much this way.

Still need to add a smokejack, but it's essentially done.

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