Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Work on the Unseen University Model

Still working on the Unseen University model. Today I made one of the two copper spheres that go on top of the High Energy Magic Building. The designer had an absurd number of support pieces that were supposed to go inside; I completely ignored all of that nonsense. I also cut off all the tabs, because the edges butting together will hold with a tiny bit of glue. At this scale, a hollow dome or sphere will hold its own shape pretty well.

Now that I've finished with the Library, and moved on to some of the other buildings, I realized that first building printed far too green for my liking. I'd assumed it was supposed to look mossy, but no. I've been modifying the colors of the other buildings in The Gimp by adjusting the green down about 20%. The walls look more like a brown stone now, but the next buildings won't match the Library at all. Now I'm trying to decide if I should reprint and rebuild the Library to match the other buildings.

Built this while sitting in a coffee house, sipping iced coffee and listening to Radio Periko on the headphones.

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