Saturday, April 12, 2014

I feel this little guy is finished. He turned out to be a bit of a roughneck. The paint job is a bit crude, but I'm using whatever I have at hand -- the drybrushed highlights are actually from a sample jar of indoor/outdoor latex paint, and the grey isn't an ideal color.

At the wife's suggestion, the next two I'm going to attempt are Harvey Pekar and Mr. Boats. I made the armature for Mr. Boats a little too large, so I'll have to re-do him. I'm also experimenting with making the first layer out of liquid Sculpey instead of Primo.

The bus bench is scrap wood and plastic.

The wife made another excellent suggestion: I should sculpt Edith Head. I'll need a good mix of men and women if I'm going to do the citizens of a town.

I'm thinking of how to make figures that will sell to the steampunk crowd -- without resorting to the cliches of that genre. I don't want to have goggles on a top hat, or to sculpt a woman with her corset on the outside of her outfit. On the other hand, I do quite like pith helmets.

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