Monday, March 24, 2014

Detail pictures of the half-timbered garden railway shop.

 It's a sunny day, so I took the last of the photos of the half-timbered garden railway building today. I wanted to document some of the details before shipping it out to my client later this week. I quit documenting the build toward the end, because I was eager to finish.

Here's the front, with the sign and the bay window. Both of those were made of scrap sign plastic. The columns on the bay window are old ballpoint pens.

Views around the building.

Window and window box flowers. The window frames are scrap black sign plastic. The windows themselves are black Sculpey with translucent liquid Sculpey poured in and baked between them. That was fun; I'm looking forward to making more of those.

Back door with sculpey doorknob and hinges.

Underneath, there's a panel that comes off, revealing a compartment for putting a bag of gravel inside. No sense shipping all that extra weight.

Here is the bay window. I made it removable so the client could put her own items on the shelves. 

 The two spikes at the top fit into holes in the overhanging part of the building, and the whole thing attaches to the bottom with a screw that goes through a tab.

Shipping it Wednesday!

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