Friday, February 14, 2014

I've been working on an N scale model of the famous Los Angeles building The Bulldog Cafe. Today I got out my finest technical pen and hand-lettered the word "EATS" on the side.

Here's what the original looked like. I'm taking certain liberties to get it to look the way it want it, but it's pretty close.

One of the liberties I'm taking is: I'm basing the signage on a similar but somewhat cruder looking cafe called The Pup:

That RC Cola sign is just irresistible to me, so I found some of the elements online, popped them into The Gimp and came up with this:

I'll print that on heavy cardstock and put it where the "HAM, BBQ, COFFEE, CHILI" sign was.

I've already designed a pretty good image for the front door and windows. I think this puppy should be done by the weekend, and then up on sale in my Etsy shop.


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